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Yvonne Field

SpecialityFounder and CEO, The Ubele Initiative
Founder and CEO, The Ubele Initiative

Yvonne Field has spent more than four decades working with individuals, groups and  organisations across the UK, the English-speaking Caribbean, Asia, South Africa and  mainland Europe. Her work with women, young people and Black and Minoritised  communities has created a lifelong commitment to the promotion of social justice,  equalities and anti-discriminatory practice.  

Yvonne is the Founder and CEO of The Ubele Initiative, an African diaspora led, infrastructure plus organisation, empowering Black and Minoritised communities in the  UK to act as catalysts for social and economic change. To achieve this, Ubele works with community leaders, groups, and organisations in the UK and beyond to  strengthen their sustainability, resilience, and voice. It is also the BAME infrastructure  organisation for Greater London and has been at the forefront of the Black and  Minoritised community response to Covid-19.  

Between 2014-2020, Yvonne was employed as an academic at Goldsmiths, University  of London teaching applied social research, leadership and management, experiential  group work and global youth work. She has recently had chapters published in  Community Development for Social Change, 2020 (Routledge) and Right to the City,  2020 (UCL Press). 

Yvonne has advised the UK and regional governments on Black and minority ethnic and  women’s enterprise and was included in the Nat West Top 100 Women in Social  Enterprise (WISE) group in 2018. She has also been on the board of a number of  charitable trusts and is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning (FIfL), a Fellow of the Royal  Society of Arts (RSA) and a Churchill Fellow (CF).